spam, hurrah!

wankers wankers wankersNot even a month online and this site has become the target of spammers – seriously, what the hell do these fuckers hope to achieve by sending 289 messages about some drug or other, that will only get deleted anyway? Yeah, I know it’s all automated (apparently for every twelve-and-a-half million emails sent, spammers can expect one reply – in their twisted world this is deemed a success), but there’s actually some spotty, living, breathing shite out there who programmed the evil little thing that invaded my site. Anyway, I’ve hopefully found a way to combat the problem and normal service has resumed, but meanwhile can I take this opportunity to wish the individual(s) responsible nothing but the most painful and protracted flavours of harm? Thanks.

  1. Katie’s avatar

    But how else will I know where to get my colon cleansed?


  2. Mark Clapham’s avatar

    Clearly the reputation of Doctor Who fans’ cock sizes, and indeed their ability to get it up, is not good.


    1. Colin’s avatar

      Spammers can be so cruel…