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I've decided to live in a lighthouse. I love the look of these beauties, how they could be perfectly ordinary Cape Cod houses, right down to the streetlights and chimneys, if it weren't for the inadequate-looking stilts and the bloody great light on the top.
lighthouse1 lighthouse2 lighthouse3 lighthouse4 (from the US Coastguard)

wankers wankers wankersNot even a month online and this site has become the target of spammers - seriously, what the hell do these fuckers hope to achieve by sending 289 messages about some drug or other, that will only get deleted anyway? Yeah, I know it's all automated (apparently for every twelve-and-a-half million emails sent, spammers can expect one reply - in their twisted world this is deemed a success), but there's actually some spotty, living, breathing shite out there who programmed the evil little thing that invaded my site. Anyway, I've hopefully found a way to combat the problem and normal service has resumed, but meanwhile can I take this opportunity to wish the individual(s) responsible nothing but the most painful and protracted flavours of harm? Thanks.

Usually I come away from looking at the stats for this site feeling utterly depressed, but last night it seems some of you stayed a while: tent Next time, say hello will you. Or I'll torch your tent, you cheeky bastards.