The EP of destruction

The Edge of Destruction Big Finish vinyl EP, honest  
Of no particular interest or practical use to anyone, here’s the ultra-rare 1964 Big Finish Dr Who EP, ‘The Edge of Destruction’, found in the basement of a Satanic church in Uttoxter. I had a listen, it’s rubbish. If you right-click and open in a new tab (or window) you can get a much better (1685 x 1226px) look at it.

Edge of Destruction pulp magazine Made using Photoshop, Blender (thanks to Richard Marklew for the fantastic console mesh) and surprisingly little photography.

Also, because I’m really poor, I’m forced to sell more stuff from my house. Apart from a couple more piles of old A5 fanzines (copies of Auton, anyone?), you may be interested in purchasing a signed photo of the actor and cosmic hobo Patrick Troughton, looking a little bit simple and cross-eyed, for display in your very own home. It’s really rare because Mr Troughton’s not signed any autographs in, like, ages, let alone scribbled on the back like he has this one. Have a look here:

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