Ordering problems

Many of you have been having problems ordering their copy (or copies) of Vworp Vworp!. Apologies for this; we’re trying to iron out this hiccup but it ain’t easy – have you ever tried to iron a hiccup?!

Anyway, assuming your difficulties haven’t put you off ordering the zine, as a workaround would you please send the funds directly to Gareth? His PayPal account is garethkavanagh at hotmail.com (obviously replacing the ‘at’ with a less spam-friendly ‘@’)

Each copy is £5.99. P&P is as follows:

  • United Kingdom: GBP 2.00 per copy.
  • Europe: GBP 3.95 for the first copy, GBP 2.75 for each copy thereafter.
  • Overseas: GBP 6.72 for the first copy, GBP 5.55 for each copy thereafter.

Would you also include a note telling us which cover(s) you’re after?

Thank you for your patience… :(

Best wishes,