Vworp Vworp! Volume Two

It’s been a long wait, but finally Volume 2 is nearly upon us! Within its 104 pages can be found:

  • The first half of our exhaustive Abslom Daak tribute, including interviews with writer Steve Moore, and artists Steve Dillon and David Lloyd. Also a Daak comic strip, written for DWM by Steve Moore in 1980 but withdrawn after a disagreement with the editor, now finally brought to the page by DWM artists Martin Geraghty, Adrian Salmon and Roger Langridge.
  • We’re kicking off our series of DWM editor interviews with a fascinating chat between Dez Skinn and Tom Spilsbury. We also chat to Paul Neary, Alan McKenzie, Cefn Ridout and the elusive Sheila Cranna.
  • Ex-Doctors Tom Baker and Colin Baker talk about their comic strip selves.
  • Dave Gibbons, Steve Parkhouse and Mick McMahon discuss The Tides of Time and Junkyard Demon, and we take in The Lodger with Gareth Roberts and Mike Collins.
  • We’ve got, The Housekeeper, a comic strip written by Paul Magrs and drawn by Bret M Herholz starring Mrs Wibbesey and the Fourth Doctor.
  • And we’ve got an fantastic free gift in the form of a ‘Vworpabix’ board game. Based on the 1970s Weetabix game, ours has 16 character cards by Adrian Salmon and boards by Paul Grist, Jon Pinto, Leighton Noyes and Graeme Neil Reid.
  • Two covers: a wraparound Abslom Daak cover by Mike Collins, and an early Doctor Who Monthly pastiche featuring Junkyard Demon (with Jason Fletcher and Ben Willsher’s take on Daak on the back cover).
  • … and much more!

Preorders for Vworp Vworp! Volume 2 are now open – click on ‘ORDER VWORP VWORP!’ above – and we plan to release it late-August/early-September…

Many thanks for your support!

9 comments on “Vworp Vworp! Volume Two

  1. Hans Christian Vang on said:

    Oh wow, that just looks amazing!

  2. Ian Scales on said:

    Looking forward to this. Your images really pick up the nostalgia of the old issues. Any idea when this will be on sale, though?

  3. Darcy Casselman on said:

    Hurray! Glad to see an Abslom Daak themed issue!

  4. marc ofner on said:

    Cant wait to get volume 2 though appear to be having a few probs with ordering it. Every time i fill in my details and click to submit it keeps telling me my e-mail is missing or name even though i hasve filled it in! I have done this 5 times and each time after i click submit, my e-mail or something else that i have filled in has dissapeared and i unable to complete order! Help?

  5. Colin Brockhurst on said:

    Odd. Sounds as though you’ve got cookies activated otherwise you wouldn’t have got as far as the checkout. Without seeing which fields you’re attempting to fill in I can’t help you complete the order, so I suggest you send the funds directly to Gareth’s PayPal account – garethkavanagh at hotmail.com (obviously with an ‘@’ in place of ‘at’). Please include a note saying which cover(s) you want!
    Sorry for the inconvenience…
    Best wishes,

  6. Simon Simmons on said:

    I have only just noticed that the Malevilus’ wings on issue 1′s alternative cover are made of bubble wrap.

    Expect my observations about Issue 2 sometime in 2013, in time for the end of the dvd range.

    Looking forward to #2

  7. Colin Brockhurst on said:

    Haha! Yeah, that was me :)

  8. Adam Scovell on said:

    Really looking forward to this guys. I can’t wait!

  9. Ian Scales on said:

    Hi, just checking when this is coming out (you mention end of August/early September). Any news on this at all. No pressure, just looking forward to it.

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