oh, hello!

He had a way with words, that Charles Hawtrey.

There’s not a great deal to see on here so far. But now I’ve got the design sorted (bar a few rough edges) I can concentrate on the content, so please check back regularly. Anyway, I hope you like what you see. Let me know!

Thank you and goodnight,


  1. Andrew Trowbridge’s avatar

    Hello young Sir,

    Coincidentally, I dug out the Troughton special of “Circus” the other week and enjoyed re-reading it very much. This week I have been off work with an awful cold… I hope the two events aren`t related..??

    Can I plug our youtube series “Trowby & Lisa” please (see above link)? No? Oh, well please yourselves!

    And a Merry Christmas to all of you at Home(base)!!!



    1. Colin’s avatar

      Hello silly hirsute person, it’s been a long time! Only had chance to nibble at your YouTube channel, but love “Hover Boots” so far.
      Stay in touch, won’t you.


  2. Mark Clapham’s avatar

    Very nice. Added to google reader, after a bit of experimentation (it’s fine if you use the RSS feed button at the bottom of the page, but for some reason if you just drop the site URL into ‘add subscription’ on Reader you end up with a feed of your photos… no idea why, just guess it locks on to the wrong thing).



    1. Colin’s avatar

      Your message prompted me to put a feed link in the header, hopefully not so unobtrusively that nobody notices it at all!


  3. John Connors’s avatar

    Just popped in to say what a great site which you really should fill with some of your Circus archive because there was some good stuff in there. Its a shame though that the bird who landed on your masthead was so heavy it’s upset the lettering a bit!
    Well done, I couldn’t knit a website if I tried (someone comes in to dust my site once a week)
    I shall be back to see, hopefully loads more stuff!