Day of Doctor Who title

"Oh, most exciting!"
The 'War Doctor' (Peter Cushing)


PLEASE NOTE: this (spoof) item is non-profit making, in that anything over production costs will be ploughed into my next project (Changing the Face of Doctor Who).

Finally available again, a selection of ephemera relating to the forgotten Fifth Anniversary Doctor Who adventure, The Day of Doctor Who, transmitted on Saturday November 23rd, 1968, and starring William Hartnell, Patrick Troughton and the mysterious 'War Doctor', Peter Cushing. Unlikely as it may sound, not a single copy is known to survive, not even a soundtrack...

This collection consists of:

Radio Times coverFull print Detail

(1) An A3 print (29.7 x 42.0cm or 11.69 x 16.53 inches) of the cover of an imaginary November 23-29, 1968, issue of Radio Times. The cover is printed so as to be 'actual size' and as utterly authentic as possible (anyone who's seen my work will attest that I'm very keen to make my retro covers etc look 100% authentic).

Snaps and envelope

(2) 80 telesnaps and a reproduction of a John Cura telesnap envelope. All painstakingly made to be as authentic as possible - the envelope and telesnap strips have been professionally printed at actual size (i.e. as small as the originals, each strip of four snaps measuring around 2cm x 5cm).

Scrapbook page

(3) The listing and associated Radio Times article. A4 print of scrapbook page above. (TARDIS drawn by me, aged ten.)

Cushing photo

(4) A 4" x 6" signed photo of Peter Cushing as Dr Who, as produced by the BBC. (In case I need to reiterate this, this is not real.)


(5) A nifty Peter Cushing badge measuring 37mm, which I've designed to resemble the (rather later) Sugar Smacks badges (these).

The Six Doctors

(6) As if all this wasn't enough, I'm also enclosing a bonus item: a 7" x 5" photo from the 1983 anniversary story, The Six Doctors, which also memorably featured Peter Cushing as Dr Who.


I've been the designer of the popular Doctor Who comics magazine Vworp Vworp! for several years. I hope my love of Doctor Who in all its forms is evident from this, one of many prints I'll be offering to celebrate over fifty years of the best TV programme in the world.

All items are professionally printed on heavy silk paper (150-200gsm). 

The set costs 19.99, plus 3.90 shipping if you're in the UK, 5.15 to the rest of Europe and 7.90 overseas. If you have any enquiries, please direct them here.

Price including P&P

Thank you for your interest!